Wealth And Finances In Online Business Building Introduction

Wealthy and Finance introduction to how it operates in online business building.
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If I gave you $100,000 dollars to invest, what would you do with it? It was this very question that opened my eyes to the fact that I knew nothing about finances and building wealth.

When I started my online business building journey, my primary goals were to earn more money and to do it from my laptop so that I could be a stay at home mom.

I wanted to increase my income and take control of my time. I spent years on the internet learning how to do just that. I engaged in affiliate marketing, network marking, and even created my own digital products that I could sale on the web.

Yet, it wasn’t until I was posed with the question of how I’d invest $100,000 that I realized I knew nothing. I literally drew a blank. Other than investing in advertisements, I had no idea how to build a health financial portfolio.

In reality, there is more to financial freedom than making money online. There are more ways to generate income than blogging and placing advertisements.

There is an ample supply of training in the Resource Library and inside of the courses that break-down blogging and other ways to leverage internet profits.

Therefore, in the next few posts, I’d like to discuss

Financial Capital

Stocks & Bonds

Whole Life Insurance Policies

Preferred Stock

Penny Stocks

Trading in the Stock Exchange

And so much more . . .

I want you to be a well rounded online entrepreneur who understands how money works so you can properly invest the money you make.

At the same time, I want you engaging in the Resource library and courses so that you can continue to master the art of making money online.


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