The Power Of Simplicity In Online Business Building

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A few weeks ago, the best worst thing happened to me, like, ever! Several of my main sites went down.

It was the worst thing because years of my hard work, courses, and content were housed on those blogs. Yet, it was the best thing that could have ever happened because I learned to simplify.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my content back, so I had to find a way to rebuild, and I had to discover how to do it very fast.

Remember, without my sites, content, and courses, I couldn’t help tons of clients on autopilot, and I also couldn’t get paid. Being that I’ve been an online entrepreneur for the last six years, this was posing a huge problem.

I had to come up with a site that could both provided quality content and services while generating a healthy stream of income. At the same time, it couldn’t take up a bunch of time.

After a few hours of racking my brain, the word simplicity came to me as clearly as possible. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Focus on a few key courses and put together a library of resources that are easily accessible without a bunch of hassle.

Here’s where I learned a few key concepts about the power of simplicity in online business building.

#1 Clarity – be very specific on the purpose of your blog. What value will you provide and what products or services will you promote.

#2 Target – be very clear on who your content is for. What problems are they trying to solve, and what do they need that you can provide.

#3 Chunk – break big concepts down into smaller ideas that a content consumer can digest in one sitting. Chunking will help your audience actually master concepts and help you avoid feeling overwhelmed when creating content.

#4 Consistent – be consistent in color, design, and specialized knowledge. Pick a few brand colors and a consistent blog theme that occurs over and over in your content. Let your audience know that they can depend on you and that you’re stable in the services that you provide.


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