How To Create Shareable Images On The Web

Pin This Image; Share This Post 🙂

You probably don’t realize it but your images are more important than your actual post.


Because it’s the image and the post title that actually captures the attention of your audience. When an image stands out in social media or on the web it intrigues people to want to know more.

There is another reason to master the art of creating shareable images.

The sharing factor is that reason. You want people to share, share, share. When they share your image, it leads new visitors back to your posts.

Because honestly, it’s not about how many posts you can write in a day (it’s about how many times your posts are shared daily). Almost every new online entrepreneur thinks that writing more posts will get them more visitors. In reality, the focus should be on getting new “eyeballs” on the post that have already been written.

And the reason?

The reason is that traffic, leads, and conversions are the most important aspects to internet profits. Simply because if there is no traffic, there are no leads, and of course no sales. What’s happening is that less is becoming more. Write less, share more:)

Of course, that’s difficult to do when you are used to doing things the hard way. Sitting around making ten images for one post seems silly. But it’s not. The more images you create that can lead back to one post the better.

How I Create Shareable Images On The Web

I pick a post theme. Like this one is pens and paper clips.

I download stock photos that support the theme and feel of the post.

I create 10 images for the post. See images above+main post image. Don’t forget to pin them to Pinterest & share them in social Media.

I upload all 10 images to Pinterest and link them back to the post.

I set up 10 different messages displaying one of the 10 mages in Hootsuite so they can autopost to multiple social media networks at various times of the day.

When I set up my autopost, each message and image is different, but they all lead to the same post.

Honestly, Pinterest brings me the biggest return on my images (I get over 1/2 million views on my Pinterest images every single month ). This process simply works for me. It can help you avoid the feeling of overload in your day to day actions towards growing your business.

Creating and sharing great images to your post can bring you mega traffic!

So it’s time to let go of overthinking internet profits.

Start creating the kind of images that people want to share. Let those shares bring you more traffic. It’s that simple.

Stand up and walk out on spending countless hours creating content.

Instead, find multiple ways to share one piece of content at a time! Simplifying your online profits process may appear difficult at first, but no worries!

I’ll show you how to create sharable images on the web and how pinning those images on Pinterests can help you earn money online!


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